Dave Jensen Launches Dave & The Beat: The World is Whole Again

San Juan Capistrano, California (Dec. 25th, 2014)- The world is a buzz with the news of the launch of the brand new media platform that is expected to change the world of music and journalism in one click of the mouse. Dave Jensen, music enthusiast and avid drinker, has landed with the website, Dave & The Beat, a music blog that covers the dynamic happenings in the world of music. From Americana to classic comedy routines to Jimmy Buffett (a combination of the 2) Dave & the Beat will cover the latest news and provide insight into Mr. Jensen’s vast catalogue of music. Only rivaled by his knowledge of music, his music catalogue is speculated to be the size of a modest European country or the state of Iowa.

“We are thrilled to see what Dave Jensen and his website, Daveandthebeat.com, will do for the music industry. We are excited to benefit from his amazing musical selections and knowledge although it surely crush our business.” Jan Wenner of Rolling Stone magazine was quoted saying as he left a men’s restroom at a truck stop in Stockton.

It’s true that the launch of Dave & the Beat will surely disrupt the online music environment and quite possibly the future of humanity as a whole. For now, the world anxiously awaits the first post from Mr. Jensen and his talented team of Asian animators and derelict despots.

Daveandthebeat.com was co-founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Dave Jensen and his beautiful son, Adam Jensen. The company’s investors and advisors include Terry Semel’s Windsor Media; Jeremy Zimmer, CEO, UTA; Avram Miller, founder, Intel Capital; Mich Mathews, former CMO, Microsoft; Chris Silbermann, president and partner, ICM; Nas & Anthony Saleh’s Queensbridge Venture Partners; Jonathan Nelson, CEO Omnicom Digital, Omnicom Group Inc.; Tom Whalley, former CEO, Warner Bros. Records and co‐founder, Interscope Records; and Jamie Tarses, former president, ABC Entertainment.



One thought on “Dave Jensen Launches Dave & The Beat: The World is Whole Again

  1. Man you pay somebody to give you a little hype and look what happens. I only hope I will live up to just a little of this. As far all of the money people who invested, good luck seeing anything out of this blog.
    In reality, thanks to my son, Adam, for the wonderfully inventive Christmas present. He must be tired of hearing me talk about this stuff all of the time. Now I know why he keeps telling me to go write it down.


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